We are super excited to announce that the (SSDA) Short Story Day Africa has announced a shift in the closing date of the writing competition this year. The organization made the announcement via their Twitter handle that the new date for the end of submission would be 31st October 2018 as opposed to the previous date of 31st August 2018.

The prize this year has a fee attached to submissions and it is explained on the official website that this development is due to lack of funding.

Guidelines for submissions and format for work arrangements can be read on the site, click on the link to below:

How to enter for the SSDA 2018

The theme still remains the same ‘Hotel Africa’ and the value of this prize remains:

1st position – $800

2nd position – $200

3rd position – $100

If you have a story centered around or in a confined space in a building, Africa is ready for your story!

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