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X is not always a letter for covering distance

Sometimes x is not a good enough letter to bridge
the distance between two souls craving to hold hands
so we use other letters. M is a magnet of F-eelings ,
& u, i, the force of attraction for souls yearning for each other
In every journey we wave away trees of indifferences –
Because our destinations is also a dream ;
We don’t know what a journey is. until
we find ourselves midway mucked into uncertainties
Scent of wildflowers fills the air of every welcome –
A bird is regurgitating home is her throat of dirge,
You don’t know what Awaits you outside yourself
The city you left waved you away with a clouded eye
& the city you embark on wears you in diverse colours ;
An old time friend, your lonely mother,your childhood competitor who
Is willing to measure your success in notes.
For every dreams that died in the night.
We pray we meet again at dusk –
Journeys bridge the distance between two souls;
But x is not always good enough to bridege the distance
Because x may be death,
I. may embrace love & in yo(u)
Journeys are wishes stuck in guns of prayer.
So we beg for something to trigger them the right way.

I said I know the weight of laughter

I said I know the weight of laughter
But yours was not red
It was blue (calm, tantalizing)
& you have a special way of making colours smile to make moments glow

I said I know what love is
I saw how you undo your pain
& sorround your broken heart with roses
Luscious, beautiful, poignant!

I said I know how to unfold silence
You curled your voice into a paper ship
& allowed it to float
Your feelings made a hell of a noise
& it Trapped my heart into your broken dreams

I saw how you walk through each night
Wet with your tears, dried of hope.

I saw how you carve smiles at dawn
From the ellipsis of your prayers.

& how God sighs when you die again
At every sundown

& the flowers I planted on your body died barren

& I know holding you is hugging fire
Cause’ I burn at every attempt

& my thought roams the sky of futility

I know you’re beautiful but also pitiful

& I wish could make you feel like you

About the Author

Adeyeye James Oluwatobi is anElectrical /Electronics Engineer and a poet. He explores the intersection between human conditions and faith in his works. He’s a best of the net nominee 2020,His work death is beautiful was listed among the top 100 poems for the 2019 Nigerian Students Poetry Prize. His works have featured or forthcoming in many anthologies and journals including African Writer, Praxis magazine, libretto magazine, Rising Phoenix, Parousia magazine, Eskimo. He is a Contributor with the Best of Africa magazine.

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