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Testing Flames A Finger At A Time.

Truth is, you scare me.


Yes, the way you look at me, I don’t know.

I don’t get your meaning. You say I …

See, you look at me hungrily. Your eyes are like seventeen missed calls and an incoming call.

How do I look at you …

Just forget it. I was trying to explain it but it seems deeper than that. You heard about sister Akpan and …

Don’t even try to change the subject. Tell me.

Okay. I mean I have seen people look at me like they want to undress me. But you. You stare like you want to undress me, peel my skin, scatter my bones and lick my spirit. Don’t laugh. Its scary.

Sorry. I just didn’t know. I chuckled as a reflex.

You’re doing it again.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Put down your hands.

Let me sell for this man that is coming.

Be fast.

So? How is school?

Is that what you want to ask that you are looking at my lip?

Yes. And if I can kiss you.

I thought you would never ask. You can. But the time is in seconds.

Who will check?

I could use a timer.


Just kiss me already.

Tell me again why we cant date?

Like I said the last three hundred times you asked, I am in a relationship.

You are not even nineteen yet.

I am in a university.

You are eighteen and a day old.

I have a boyfriend.

You don’t love him.

I do.

You don’t. don’t even try to argue.

It doesn’t matter.

You could break up with him.

You don’t have a job.

Money is not your problem. The thing is, I cant put a finger on why you are with him.

Maybe I truly love him.

Maybe the sky is down.

Your mom is back.

Thank God.

Mummy, let me quickly see Tope off.

No, no, don’t hold my hand. I told you my dad didn’t go to work today.


I heard that they are renovating the bridge.

Which one?

Before NNPC.

Oh! Already? Better sha, before it crumbles.

If you travel now, when will you be back?

Immediately after exams, I wish I schooled in Lagos like you.

I would be pregnant now.

You say that like it is a bad thing.

Fuck you. You are not even a graduate yet, how will you take care of me and the child.

We will find a way. Love …

… trumps everything.

You know it is true.

I know it is a fine line in a poem you wrote about the president of the United States.

Are you going to school tomorrow?

No, but my boyfriend will come over.

Tell him your dad is at home.

That is what I told him today.

It is true.

For today, tomorrow nko?


My dad likes him.

He will like me too.

I cant take that risk.

You are chicken.

I am scared.

What of your mom?

I don’t know, she is still vacationing.

I love you.

We are in front of my house gate.

I love you.

I know.

Come on.


When will we see again?

Thursday, I wont be going to school.

I am traveling on Thursday, I told you.

I know, I thought you would change your mind.

School is already in session and my lecturers are …

I know, I know, a girl can still hope.

Kiss me.

We are in front of the gate.

Quick one. I want to carry the memory with me.

Lets add a hug too.

Good … goo … goo … eveni … si … si … si … sir

Get. Inside. Tope.



Go, I will be fine.


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