Ngiga accepts submissions from all writers and visual artists of any age and bent. We have no restrictions on themes, topics, genre or form; any topic is acceptable provided it is well-written. We accept submissions of all types: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interviews, reviews, feature articles and art/photography.



—All submissions must be double-spaced, in 12 point Palatino Linotype font and/or Times New Roman in either .doc/.docx or pdf file and must be submitted to

—Do not include your name and email address anywhere in the document except in the body of the mail. The document must be saved with the title of the submission for easy identification.

—The heading of the mail should follow this format: Genre—Title of submission. Eg: ‘Poetry—Refugee Mother and Child’

—The body of the mail must contain your name, email address, nationality and a short bio note of not more than fifty words and a profile picture. In the bio, flaunt your achievements. The world wants to know how far you’ve come.

—Simultaneous submissions are allowed but you must inform us if your submission is accepted elsewhere. This is in view of the fact that we painstakingly go through every submission, your rejected lot. However, we pay attention to quality and content. The rejected lot must be worth the while.

—We typically reply all submissions between three to four weeks. If you fail to hear from us within this period, consider your submission null.

You can read the individual submission guidelines for the genres below:



—Submit only one (1) story at a time.

—Your work must be original and must not have been published anywhere else.

—Each story must not be more than 4,500 words in length. Longer pieces will not be considered.

—Novellas and Novel excerpts are welcome, provided it falls within the word limit. Translations are welcome if it is submitted alongside the original piece with the names of the original author and the translator clearly indicated.



—Submit one at a time. Two submissions are not acceptable.

—Nonfiction pieces must not be more than 3,500 words and must be original.

—Excerpts from works in progress are welcome with same word limit above.



—Poetry submissions must not surpass 100 lines and/or five poems which must be contained in a single document. The poems must either be single spaced or double-spaced.

—Poems must not have been published elsewhere and must be original.

—Poems must either be single spaced or double-spaced. Please language matters here; the poems must be lyrical, sinuous, and contemporary not archaic.



—Interviews must not be more than 2000 words. Reviews will typically not be more than 700 words and features must not be more than 1500 words.

—The format in the general guidelines above must be followed. Bear in mind that succinct questions and issues are required here. Do not say what is not needed.



We currently accept pictures that seek bend and mangle stereotypes. Arts that are in constant war with be aligned to a particular philosophy.

—You can send us 2-5 pictures at a time following the general guidelines