Ngiga Book of the Month September 2022.


Title: Amaechi

Author: Chima Nwoke

Year: 2022

Pagination: 168

Publisher: Dinta Media

Genre: Fiction (Short Stories)

About the Book:

Amaechi is a collection of eleven short stories of varied themes. The stories, witty, funny, grave and haunting, implicate the folkloric/precolonial/colonial (The Past) in the following stories, “The Untold and Untrue Story of Ojaadili” and “His Name is Marcus”; the contemporary/quotidian (The Present) in, “Cheta”, “Amaechi”, “The Day I Die” and “Juju Heist”; the futuristic/speculative (Tomorrow) in, “Nwa Ekwensu”, “We Shall Come Again”, “Unit 27”, and “Biafran Boy”. The stories share the beautiful narrative style of the author’s Ìgbò lenses, through which we see the unfolding actions. 

The futuristic stories are bone chilling and could as well be prophetic if and when the predictions come through.

About the Author:

Chima Nwoke is an Igbo artist from Ụmụaka in Imo State, Nigeria. He was born and raised on the campus of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the university. He is the co-founder of Dinta Media, an organization dedicated to telling stories of Africans and Africa. His personal work cuts across various media, such as photography, graphic design and filmmaking. He currently lives in Essen, Germany. Amaechi is his first book.


Straddling between the now and the tomorrow, the seen and the unseen, the local and the global, Chima Nwoke’s Amaechi captures the hybridized stories and lived experiences of our time in a language that is unashamedly Igbo, Nigerian, Woke and Pop.

— Ifésinàchi Nwádikè, Ngiga Review

Chibueze Ukwuoma

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