she called me hers

She called me her creation

that I was made on the 8th day

when lovers resile

that I was made with the broken bones of her


That I came out unclean

 She called me Thrust

That I was broken with her uncle’s thumb

Dalu!, no don’t scream i will be gentle, is only one finger...

it won’t hurt

Trust me

She said i smelled like incest

tom and jerry, playing in the parlor

what was the game again? “Mommy and Daddy!

but this time mommy did not want and daddy didn’t care.

She called me love

the type that excavates you

and leaves you feeling like a dead body

she told me dead bodies sing at night

to themselves, that their colors are tucked

into the rhythm the long to speak.

she called me Hers

That I was mother’s curse tucked in between the welts lashed at her back by men who deep fried bodies till the become chips

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