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Footsteps to western yards

In Badagry’s past, a river of tears,

Where shackles and chains fueled darkest fears.

Human lives, like fragile petals, torn,

Their dreams like broken wings, forever mourned.


The marketplace, a web of sorrow spun,

Where souls were bought and sold, one by one.

Like caged birds longing for freedom’s flight,

Their voices silenced, hidden from the light.


The auction block, a stage of despair,

Where lives were measured, weighed with cold stare.

Like a cruel game, a twisted charade,

Where humanity’s worth was brutally displayed.


The dungeons, like gaping mouths of gloom,

Swallowing hope, sealing their dreadful doom.

Dark as night, suffocating like a tomb,

Where spirits withered, like flowers in bloom.


But amidst the pain, a flicker of light,

Resistance grew, like a phoenix taking flight.

Voices of defiance, like thunder’s roar,

Breaking the chains, forevermore.


Badagry’s story, a haunting refrain,

A reminder of the depths of human pain.

But also a testament to resilience and might,

As we strive for justice, in the darkest night.


With curiosity as their guide, they set sail,

Seeking new horizons and stories to unveil.

Through untamed lands, they ventured with awe,

Discovering Africa’s wonders, so raw.


The savannah’s symphony, a melody untamed,

As they roamed the plains, their spirits untamed.

Lions’ roars echoed through the starlit nights,

While elephants trumpeted, a majestic sight.


They marveled at the diversity of flora and fauna,

Witnessing nature’s grandeur, like a sweet nirvana.

From the mighty Nile to the Serengeti’s vast expanse,

They immersed themselves in Africa’s dance.


Yet, with their presence, came a complex tale,

As cultures clashed and histories set sail.

Colonial shadows cast upon the land,

A bittersweet chapter etched in the sand.

But let us remember, as we reflect on the past,

That exploration, though flawed, can still be vast.

For in the Safari Serenade, we find a blend,

Of wonder, discovery, and lessons to mend.


So let us honor the spirit of those who came,

Acknowledging the impact, both fortune and shame.

In the tapestry of history, their story resides,

The European expedition to Africa, where worlds collide.

Tallest black trees

Journey to the Maasai, a tale of remote life’s bliss,

Where the Maasai tribe finds happiness, they insist.

In the vast savannah, under the African skies,

Their nomadic existence, a treasure they prize.


With spears held high and adorned in vibrant attire,

They roam the lands, their spirits soaring higher.

Living close to nature, where wildlife freely roam,

They find solace and harmony in this ancestral home.


For the Maasai, happiness lies in the simple things,

The rhythm of their days, the songs that nature sings.

They cherish the bond with their cattle, strong and true,

A symbol of wealth, a livelihood they pursue.


In their close-knit communities, they find unity,

Supporting one another with love and humility.

Their traditions and customs, passed down through the years,

Bring them joy and a sense of purpose, it appears.


Away from the chaos of the modern world’s race,

The Maasai believe remote life is happiness’ embrace.

In harmony with nature, their spirits are set free,

Finding joy in the wild, where their souls truly see.


So let us learn from the Maasai’s ancient way,

To find happiness in simplicity, day by day.

For in the remoteness of life, they have found,

A treasure trove of joy, where true happiness is crowned.

About the Author

Joshua Omeke is a renowned Nigerian writer with over 10 years of experience in his craft. His poetry book, Joe’s Collectanea, made waves for the author and has been nominated for several awards. He is also expected to release his next collection The Hymns of a Deepman through the UK publishing house Austin Macauley. Joshua has headlined at LSE Firoz Lalji Ubuntu Café, CORA art festival and is said to be a headliner at the World of Love festival in Bournemouth, UK. He has been accepted for the nomination at Forward Prize Best Performed Poetry in 2024, and other awards to be announced.

His works have appeared in Arts Lounge NYC, New Telegraph, Gazelle Africa, Vanguard, The Mirror, Telegraph, LoveReading, Kirkus Review, The Ghana Review, Modern Ghana and many other journals. Joshua also participated in the Yurt Café UK masterclass and was selected for the 2023 Pa Gya Festival Goethe Institute workshop. His drama, Evil on Eken Day, is his next project.

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