I remember the nights                                                              under the charmed light of the                                                 fluorescent in the hall . . .

Ringtones murmuring                                                              in the broken pews around . . .

The nude window widowed                                                     of glass                                                                               is a mirror to the world.

The buildings outside are dead-silent                                                and a single bloody light burns                                                         in the murky distance                                                              on the diaphanous crown                                                             of the telephone pylon.

The sky is a palate of ink—                                                    a subdued fresco—                                                           and quietude reigns here where

Charmed lights shroud those                                                   multicoloured bodies bent over papers

Thoughts disembodied from thoughts . . .                               and this hermit’s prayer drops like a drip:

Light, I ask for inspiration!                                                      Let me not implore in vain                                                    in your bewitched phosphorescence!                                           All life, I now detest them—                                                        I seek entrance into these                                                            stacked-shelved rooms . . .                                                          never will I hug the whoring streets,                                                serenading spirits sinking high                                                into the necroendless night . . . 




About the author

Chimezie Chika’s fiction, nonfiction, and poetry have been published in Aerodrome, Brittle Paper, Praxis Magazine, The Kalahari Review, and several other journals. In 2013 he was a finalist for the Africa Book Club Shorts Reads Competition. In 2015 he participated in the International Writivism Creative Writing Workshop in Lagos. He divides his time between Onitsha and Owerri.

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