A wise person once said “For the Love of Lawsa”
Let love lead
For the love of Lawsa
I wear my freshly ironed white shirt and black skirt to school everyday
For the love of Lawsa
I’m expected to look a certain way
To get a spot at the family table
I wear my mask everyday to school
Time to get into character, I say

For the love of Lawsa
We feast on the downfall of a family member
Like predators, we search for our next prey
Fresh meat to feast on
With wide smiles on our faces

For the love of Lawsa
We hungrily wait for the gist of who has CASTED
Feeding our thirsty ears
But the gist dare not be “our gist”

For the love of Lawsa
We sit at the family table,
Looking at faces of people we don’t really like,
Faces of those who have caused us pain,
For the love of Lawsa
We have learned to tolerate because family tolerates each other’s excesses

Divided we stand
United we fall
Hiding under a mask
All for the love of Lawsa
We will let love led..

About the Author

Ugonna Ugwuadu is a 300 level Law student in Faculty of Law Imo State University. She finds poetry as an important medium to express both the pure and macabre. When she’s not listening to the 70’s songs she creates art with her pen.

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