How My Country's Constitution Is Drafted By Politicians by Eniola Abdulroqeeb Arówólò


this is earnestly spread out like unwanted weed

to the people whose gullibility has been tested &

trusted, the kinds that won’t chitter against our will,

the kinds who believe that our turpitude is innocently inborn,

the kinds whose birthrights can be traded for pots of porridge or less…


i) every citizen shall learn to wear grief like his casual outfit.

ii) every citizen must quickly gulp silence at the sight of police extortion or his body becomes a shooting range.

iii) every citizen who goes to school must know that their dreams are mimesis of a blank page.

iv) every citizen should know that corruption is an incurable lesion that must fester wide and large.

v) every citizen will be inducted into temples of human rights but the government can desecrate them.

vi) every citizen shall learn to take a panoply over their usual sorrows so the government won’t become a stock of foreign laughter…

N.B– all humans are equal in this country but some are more equal than others.

About the author

Eniola Abdulroqeeb Arówólò is a writer and student of Mass Communication who enjoys to write on child abuse, inequality, politics and domestic violence. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Nnoko Stories, Mixed Mag, Ninsha Arts and elsewhere. At his leisure time, he is either writing, reading or binge-watching animes.

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Writer, editor and reader. A student of mathematics and physics, Twitter troll, Facebook comedian and human.

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