You are Mine by Sunny Eddie Crawford

From the day of our independence
In 1847,
My heart has been longing for you,
Like the flowing cavalla.

At the twinkle of the light,
Which rises from the south of Monrovia,
My heart thirsts for you.

You’re beautiful like the Sapo National park.
How I long for more of your sweetness,
That rises beyond the surface of Mountain Wologisi.

Oh! Beauty of the Lorma tribe,
You are my oxygen.
The air my lungs inhales
Exhale on the bedrocks of Cape Mount.

Where your love smokes my heart like a dried fish,
Our village parent’s prepared for evening dinner.
Come let’s build the palace of love.

In my veins,
In the veins of the body of a Grebo boy.

We’ll sign a promise on the hills of Ducor,
Where the breeze from the Atlantic clamps on my soul.
To press the vow of agreement
that “You are mine.”

About the author

Sunny Eddie Crawford writes from Monrovia, Liberia. His works have been published in Ducor Review, and the We Write Liberia website.

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Writer, editor and reader. A student of mathematics and physics, Twitter troll, Facebook comedian and human.

2 thoughts on “You are Mine by Sunny Eddie Crawford”

  1. Wow!!!!! Sunny you are one of a kind, I like how you are incorporating our beautiful culture and land in your work. Well done my friend and keep up the good work. Much love brother.


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