A Love Poem, A Suicide Note


I want to believe that trees

tremble in the wind.

The wind they breathe, shakes and

bow their leaves too.

The tree stands rooted.

The wind is free,

& blows it’s lover with fervor.

Loving you is like that.


you asked me to breathe,

while blowing in my face.

i tried to swallow,

the poison, dark and tart

stings my throat.

my sweaty palm opens,

revealing letters:


Faith: An Ode

– after Jeremy Karn

I want to sleep

in every one of your dark shades.

I am a pilgrim

You’re Mecca-

A city where I rest.

I’ve walked deserts in thirst

with your name in the cracks of my lips.

i will pray like this:

Love, Faith, Love, Faith, Love, Faith

until your heart undresses me

of my travelers robe

and lead to the path of our god.


In This Poem I’m Not Depressed

so i wear my sister’s skin

and groove to Khalid on the stereo

sliding on the floor, heaving lazy breaths.

every hour

since I killed a flower near my window

simply by breathing,

i’ve been playing doctor on arts.

i break my body into dance routines

choreographed by grief.

i one-step into silence with my tongue

mother have taught me well.

i dance to songs composed in thunder

for deaf-blind audiences

at midnight, i nail my feet to the ground

and stop my breath

& watch the flowers breathe

About the author

Abunic Sherif II is a young Liberian writer, environmentalist, and poet.
His works have been featured on eboquills, Praxis Magazine, The Ducor Review and elsewhere.

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