THE MARKET by Salami Adejoke


The market place is a city of madmen,

Everyone does what everyone pleases,

Clamouring chatters that never cease,

Buy that, buy these,

Smile along, say cheese,

Everyone does what others call folly,

Yet everyone believes he is right,

Numerous scenes of memorable sight,

Everything is up for sale,

Fresh food and ones that are stale,

Some here on a charade,

Veneered thieves in businessmen disguise,

Pigeon pick on the trader’s rice,

The butcher battle the flies,

Salam Adejoke The Market

The crowd move along in murmuring cries,

Everyone sane in his own way,

Children play in watered clay,

Ignoring the cries of their mother’s call,

Rusted leaves from trees fall,

Yet piece-by-piece of the chaos made sense,

The market is indeed a crazy place.

About the author

Salam Adejoke The Market poem

Salam Adejoke is a Nigerian Writer, Architect and Poet who loves nature, landscape and interior design. When she’s not busy playing Scrabble or trying DIY’s, she’s painting for fun. Her works have been featured on nantygreens, upwritemag website and upcoming in Lucky Jefferson’s ‘awake’ webzine and others. She can be reached via Facebook @KingAdejoke or via mail

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