They walk and talk
With pride and such
With feet as light and sole as heavy
With a sort of urgency
Like a pregnant woman
Who can’t wait to get rid of her belly?
With lips that lie
And hearts that merry
Drunken tongues
That sing sweet songs
Of their father’s short comings
They sing with pride
They sing all night
Only to embody the woes they chant
These fruitless deeds they plant
In the crevasses of their mind
So, the cycle begins again
With men who would rather die in pain
Other than let love lead the way
They take their heavy soles
And heavy souls
To the gods no one knows
That their masculinity be replenished
By sacred deed they think their wives cherish
Burn down bridges that ask to cross over
To where they could learn to be better
…than the latter
…. the former
They would rather walk and talk
With pride and such
As though life is measured by the firmness of their breasts.

About the Author

Kofoworola Odozi, who goes by Kofo is the author behind “A letter to the boy I almost loved”. An Okadabooks best seller. Her work cuts across multiple disciplines, broadly address narratives of human experience. Her work has appeared on ‘The African writer’s review’. She shares her work on Instagram @kofowrites.

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