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A special kind of kindness

From my window, I see her crying in the rain
Where her lover has left her wet and blue
I know the rain too, so I take her in for warmth

How my benevolence is kindled by mere falling waters
Me, who has chased fowls and flies into the rain
And watched the whole world drown beneath my porch

She knows the rain will fall again and again
If only she knows there will be another blue woman after her
And there will be another and another for my warmth

The alarm clock

The day begins like a broken glass
At six in the morning, I could be anywhere in the world
I am sleeping in my bed alone, like I usually do

The clock is still buzzing, like the migraine in my head
I stretch my hand to stop it, but grip something
Long, curly and oily—something sometimes familiar to me

She turns in her sleep and floods my face with her hair
On the side table, a cat is mopping at the clock
I do not know where I am. I do not know who owns the cat

About the Author

Kingsley Alumona is a geologist and a reporter from Delta State, Nigeria. He works at the Nigerian Tribune newspaper. His works have appeared in the 2018 African Book Club Anthology, Kalahari Review, Nthanda Review, TUCK magazine, Brittle Paper, Afritondo, Digirature, etc

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