The Light Between My Feet
(for Iya Femi)

Mother once told me there’s
always light between the feet
of a man with an undying zeal.

I have walked from earth to
the sky carrying my dreams in my heart.
I have carried the pains of fire
in my blood while I hid my fears
beneath my skin.

How do you find your path when
your body aches from the pains
of things that do not leave you?
How do you find your path when these pains
do not become a scar?

I have lived in spaces between ice
and water: between resolute and intimidated.
I have lived in spaces between ice
and vapour: between immovable and lost.

At a time, I am a blooming tree.
At another, I’m a leaf, pale, wilting,
holding and clinging to its branch.

But mother’s right:
You find strength in your vulnerabilities.
You learn to walk by falling.
The path to your strength is always through
your weakness.

Mother, I sing your lullabies when
the light between my feet goes dim.
They remind me of how you taught me
to walk my first steps in darkness,

how you brought your own glow
from within you when the
sun and moon held their lights.

About the Author

Oluwafemi Babasola is a Nigerian poet and writer. He believes man must cling to hope, even if it’s all he has.When he is not writing, he enjoys conversations that challenge the mind to think.His poems have appeared on Bravearts Africa, Praxis Magonline, Kreative Diadem, The Rising Phoenix Review, Tuck Magazine, African Writer, Parousia and Nantygreens. He lives in Benin, Nigeria. You can follow him on

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