New Kru Town, Where I COME FROM’

this is a township/
where kids await the raindrops
for shower/
their bodies painting pictures of

teenage girls are mothers/
drug abuse and gangsterism are
street languages/
surrounding scattered like an
abandoned dumpsite

this is my home/
where violence is not a strange
waking up to the sound of palava
& drum beats

teenage boys are fathers/
where parents and children marry
the nightclubs/
where bread winners fall victim to
married & unmarried people

this is my home/
where the streets sleep naked/
rape & sodomization are known

water floods our homes/
corruption is a beautiful first
class citizen/
dreams are aborted babies

the air isn’t safe/
we’re afraid of inhaling &
drinking water is another idiot
damaging our stomachs

Okada boys are hustlers too/
ridding unsafe through
maybe we lost our love to
our descendants

About the Author

Edwin Olu Bestman alias “Magical Poet” is a young writer from Liberia. He is a multi-award winning poet, philanthropist and a civil engineer. Edwin holds an associate degree in civil engineering from the Stella Maris Polytechnic University and currently a Bsc candidate at the institution. He has co-authored several anthologies and the author of two books; Genesis and Raindrops

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