En-route Ikeja today, Lana del Rey’s ‘cinnamon girl’ plays from the Uber’s speakers reminding me of you & the songs we used to sing till our throats burn & we quench fire with kisses. ‘Cinnamon girl’ was playing the day you said goodbye— words that knife through my heart, slithering me into smithereens, the future I thought we shared slipping out of my hand like sand. Now I carry myself about like a broken effigy, a ghost of something once beautiful. Ikeja, a stranger smiled at me. I opened my mouth sieged by cobwebs & gave her a dry smile & walked far, far away from all the promises the smile may hold, for I know too well how it all start: an hello resurrecting butterflies, blue eyes crumbling erect walls. And I, I’m too broken for love, to broken to love.

About the Author:

Adeola Juwon is a Nigerian poet and writer. He has works published in the African Writer, Writers Space Africa, Kalahari Review and elsewhere.

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