My candle-flicker has long hairs that prick & heal U.A Edwardson
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I’m on my mattress, letting my mind dance
to the music of the old wall clock,
And the revving accompaniment of my neighbor’s
power generator, letting my sight tether
to the candle stick ahead, illuminating the darkness
with it’s amber light.

I dimmed my eyes to it, trimming them enough
to see the long whetting hairs that sprang from it.
I looked harder into the flame, hard enough to
remember the voice and words of my lover,
The last ones he whewed before embracing the light
from asthma that had been born with him.

“I’ll never leave you, even in death. Because,
When I leave and become cold and pale,
My shadow will remain to make you hale.
I’ll be in the pictures hanging on the wall,
In the smiles and in our recipe book too,
I’ll be in your CD collection and in your poems,
Because I am you, in your heart and soul.”

I look into the light again, and see how much I’ve
From fires of life and that night —when I was
deeply embraced by the cold,
And kissed by it, hard enough to freeze my heart—
I see how much I’ve healed, how much I needed to
heal for.
Because, if I don’t move from that past, quickly,
I may not be able to remember from a candle’s flicker, again.

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U.A Edwardson is a student of the University of Nigeria, writes from Ahoada, Rivers state, with poetry works appearing in Ngiga review, forthcoming in African writer and on…
When he is not writing, you can find him swimming in an ocean of hobbies.
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