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We were raised on false hopes and promises
A generation tricked out of our future
By power mongers playing politics
As they blur us completely from the big picture

“Leaders of tomorrow” they hailed us then
Decades later, we’re still asking “when?”
Will this tomorrow ever come? We ask in vain
And we are furnished with lies over again

Every now and then, they grace our tellies
Our leaders of yesterday, today and tomorrow
With their grey hairs and bulging bellies
Collectively bringing us sorrow
As they shuffle positions of power
And stay secured in their lofty towers

They say we are still too young to fill in their shoes,
Too naive to be allowed to rule
This fragile nation of ours
We will only cause greater chaos

Crippled by hunger
We become willing tools in their propaganda
We do their bids and wield their guns
And only when their backs are turned
Do we vent out in anger

We bemoan bad roads and dark abodes
Poor standard of living, bomb blasts and killings
Yet we continue to dance
To the tune of bad governance

While their families lounge in foreign cities
They ask us to remain patriotic citizens
“Leaders of tomorrow”, we still hear them say
But if tomorrow is to come, we must seize today

About the Author

Mariam Yakubu Musa is a lover of poetry with a previously published piece on praxis magazine.

Writer, editor and reader. A student of mathematics and physics, Twitter troll, Facebook comedian and human.

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