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it was yet another night you had to
refurl your grief into deep breaths.

watched your head cinder in the noose
of aching memories. blazing tears

towered it into a ruined house
of numb thoughts. you wondered,

how life could be so mean. fed your dreams
to stupor with your heart cupped.

they parch in the eyes of the morning sun
unblooming. so on the floor,

you made to drown yourself in
a noxious elixir and a blank page.

the earth opens wide its labials pledging
relish. but before you could kiss it

your eyes holed into an aftermath of
mother’s longing heart hemmed in a pool

of riptide dirges. so like other soggy nights,
you knelt under the fire that burns you.

silence renew your vow to it. to learn
to live it, in the noose it pendulates with.

About the Author

Etudaye Musa Abdulazeez is a Mass Communication graduate of Bayero University, Kano; a social advocate who finds freedom and voice in writing poetry and other genres of writing. He has been published in The Collidescope, Arts Loungenyc, The Campus Watch, Daily Trust, Qwenu and others. His poem, “A Song of Grief in the Pandemic” won the June and maiden edition of the Fodio Data Stipend for Poetry. He hails from Okene, Kogi State but presently lives in the ancient city of Kano where he writes from. He can be found on Facebook as Etudaye Musa Abdulazeez and Twitter @Etudaye_MA

Writer, editor and reader. A student of mathematics and physics, Twitter troll, Facebook comedian and human.

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