Shadows do not live to tell the stories

songs do not grow from rotten souls

Some minds are moons with the colour of a quiet night

the cloud is a home to darkness &  a stillbirth light

I wear the faith of a man peering into the dusk for dawn . Dreams are empty houses begging for fills of songs & pictures & furniture & colours & gadgets…

You pray for life to become a woman that’s flexible enough to dance to your flirts. You want to walk into a city barefooted?

Do you fucking think all streets are clean &…?

Some streets are filled with broken bottles, others – mobbers hungry. Ready to watch you look at your own body  in stillness.

This poem is a sketch of how boys drown in lack of clues. That surrounds an heaven that looks too easy to reach

Nothing remains. Just this body

“She told me i still live in her heart “

For the first time i swum in a sea of reality. The depth is filled with darkness. a part of me hides behind curtains in poems like a bird dogging the hunter’s stones

I hide in the thighs of love . In the eye of scriptures. I hide in sleeps that do not knock me out into the open  –

The street of my mind  is littered with the dust of people murdered with handshakes & hugs

fear lodges in every corner of my heart – Darkness over stays / eats part of the Dawn into her belly  – the streetlights here  reflects the shadows of boys like me caught in the webs of unhealthy dreams. Cooked in a pot of greediness. Eaten with a mouth of covetousness & Washed down the stomach of time by injustice.

Nothing remains in me today. Just the darkness in my heart where I hide the things I can’t face. & the scars of this body burying me six feet deep –

I run into myself to wake my dreams. But i end up each time hiding in songs & the clothes sadness throws at me.

About The Author

Adeyeye James Oluwatobi is an
Electrical /Electronics Engineer and a poet. He explores the intersection
between human conditions and faith in his works. He was listed among the
top 100 poets for the 2019 Nigerian Students Poetry Prize. His works have
featured & forthcoming in many anthologies and journals like librero
magazine, Eskimo among others

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