Through a bird’s eye

A little bird comes into my room,

Empties its heart into my rough palms,

Whispers songs into my ears,

Burns me with its secret flame,

Goes out the open window & takes with

it my way to paradise.

Love is always good for you, even

if it leads you to hell

& love is a euphemism for stupidity

& in love there is no such thing as preposterous

& so forth.


With the mouth of a bard

Outside in the belly of the night a bard has

had too much to drink & has vowed to every-

one at the tavern, young & old to carve his lover’s name

into the wings of every bird in the sky that

she may forever dwell amongst the elements, that

she may be god.

He finds her hairpin in his left pocket, pats it tenderly

the way one does a stolen pouch of gold &

bursts into a Psalm.

He sings,

you are the knife, the sharp knife, that chopped

into b i t s the frozen cities inside of my soul &

to your skin, softer and smoother than water, will I

pray, all the days of my life, for salvation

lover, God is jealous, God is jealous

God is…

About The Author

Sanni Omodolapo currently studies English at Obafemi Awolowo
University, from where he writes.

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