the boy with the issue of blood II

To survive is to hold your head above water just that bit to say ___help or this is how ghosts are made. First, a
drowning, a hand clutched around another neck, then a quick prayer before a bullet’s grand arrival. Since when did
You walk down the street, &, your shadow
drags behind you like the slumped cross against Jesus’ shoulder. What matters is that you were a body once, a soul growing bright
inside you. In the dark, the moon, like a pupil, shifts to an angle; above it a full cloud thins into a brow & underneath, the wind moves like a
thief, unsure of its life. Same goes for you. A loose reed breezed along the highway. A body tethered to a running
horse. You, a roll of weed to your lips, could be the highway. Or the horse pulling the condemned along. Only in this
case, one way is a fight, the other a surrender to slaughter. Your body knows enough grief to last you two
lifetimes of sorrow & scurrile. A knife, its lip of silver, kisses into your wrist to
uncoil the streaks of ennui passing for veins along your arms ___boy, bleed. Your ex lover so turned up the volume
of your life/grief that you can’t hear yourself think. What use is all my yelling from the other side?

About the Author

Enotor Prosper is a drummer. He has tutored/is tutoring in Test House tutorials (G.brains), Solid Education Centre, Starbrains Tutorials, Premiere Lectures. His poem and short stories have appeared/forthcoming  in Ethelzine, Young African Poets Anthology(Brittle Paper), Praxis Magazine, Elephantsnever, Pencillite, U-RIGHTS MAGAZINE. Say,”hi” in twitter@NezyorNezy

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