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Elegy To The Rejections In June

a girl lays on a bed

waiting for the morn

to come with yet another

slice of rejection—

at love, at career.

worries in form of

early morning treats

offered by a lover’s

lover, lattes & cinnamon

rolls fill the air, aye.

at 0530 hours, she grabs

the table clock with such

contempt, somnambulates

to the hung calendar on what

resembles a helpless show.

ticks off dates

on the calendar

face—makes the

inscriptions think

she’s monitoring

her menstrual cycle,


r-bombs wait to be

dropped on her

gentle heart, like

an invasion, daunting.

the vicious circle

continues, or so

she thinks till she

no longer thinks—

a cold day in hell.

About the Author

Poem: Elegy To The Rejections In June by Olaitan Humble
Olaitan Humble

Olaitan Humble is a Nigerian poet who likes to collect quotations and astrophotos. His poem won Loudthotz Poetry Open Reading’s Poem of the Month (March, 2020). His works are featured and/or are forthcoming in Konya Shamsrumi, Gabi Magazine, Poemify Magazine, WanderLust, Cultural Weekly, The Quills & elsewhere.

Writer, editor and reader. A student of mathematics and physics, Twitter troll, Facebook comedian and human.

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