One abiding commitment of art is its unfailing commentary on pressing social issues through its numerous, dynamic genres.

Earlier this year, the world was hit by a virus that went on to be declared a pandemic — based on its sweeping force across borderlands and social stratas.

While doctors and scientists are in hospitals and labs trying to contain and manage the spread of the virus, we became witnesses to how this virus crumbled world’s activities, bringing them to their plaintive knees.

We were sure to have discussions on how this crisis has affected lives and businesses, what we didn’t know was that they’d come in the form of beautifully written essays that reflect the writers’ experiences as practicing artists in throes of Covid-19.

Darlington Chibueze, a consummate conversationist and a one time the Non-fiction Editor of Ngiga Review assembles an impressive list of writers from across the world to share their pains, worries and hopes with us in this anthology of reflective essays recently published by Praxis Magazine as a chapbook.

Through the Eye of a Needle is art’s response to a world crisis from the likes of Sara Ladipo Manyika, Ikhide Ikheloa, Echezonachukwu Nduka, Hina Ahmed, Alain Jules Hirwa, Nnamdi Oguike, Ukamaka Olisakwe, Chimezie Chika, Jennifer Chinenye Emelife, Oka Osahon, Neil Creighton and Jason Mykl Snyman.

Hit the link below and download this engaging chapbook for Free Naira. That’s how much the curator wants us to enjoy the warmth of the reflections therein.

Feel free to send in words on what you think about the essays.

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