Africa is the ground

Where God’s bastards play

the pit toilet

where they assemble to die

a dark smear in a dark world.

Africa is the refuse heap

Where God’s Arc Angels, pick

Unsoiled leftovers

To paradise

The Middle Passage

Was Africa’s testament of horror. Lord Ligoner.

Jamestown. 1619. Amistad.


Was Africa’s year of fire baptism

In river Berlin. St. Bismarck

Africa is a Christmas chicken

Quartered in the last supper

Germany grabbed the head

Portugal clipped the wings

Belgium griped the neck

France pocketed the heart

Italy took the intestines

Britain hoarded the legs, sticks

With which she pokes the anus of history.

Africa is the dark, anal abyss;

Dungeon where they are kept –

Those found guilty for being Black

About the Author

Ifesinachi Nwadike is a Street activist, Editor, rapper, essayist, poet and playwright works had previously appeared in Ngigareview, Ake Review, ANA Review, The Sun Review, Praxis Magazine, Black Boy Review, African Writer and a host of other credible magazines.  He is the Founding Editor of Ngiga Review and Co Facilitator, Ngiga Book Club. He lives and works in Lagos

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