The aunty that once showed me love
is now my nightmare
& has broken my innocence beyond repair

I’m that broken whiskey bottle
that was smashed on the floor
no one listens to young broken boys
so I decide to gather my brokenness
and wear it as a second skin

My scar is a voice in a dark abyss
sending echoes that haunt me
with sleepless nights

No one listens to me
they see me as an assaulter
& not a victim
in my brokenness, I gather my particles
but burying them is never possible
broken bottles have no amends.

About the Author

ÓKÓLÍ STEPHEN NÓNSÓ is a poet and an essayist from Nigeria. He is the winner of 2014 SOASA AIFCE creative writing contest in poetry. He believes in the power of pen and the positive difference it can make in our world. His poems have appeared in Tuck Magazine, Praxis Magazine, Adelaide Literary Magazine (New York), the best of Africa, and elsewhere. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria. His poems come from the heart and a desire to share words of joy and happiness. He believes that poetry can be used as a tool to solving societal ills.

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