(For Africa & her Owners)

our history

is of the color of blood

a cauldron of legendary betrayal

the doleful transition

from royalty to slavery

from botched freedom to servitude

our history

is the clinging of merchants’ chains

of broken partnership

to sudden ownership

through middle passage:





till stanley met mutesa

but… he was no friend of ours

our history

is that of a hospitable man

who now run errands for his visitor,

the unsuspecting grandpa

who shattered his testicles

by forcefully sitting on them

our history

is the partitioning,

the renaming of kingdoms,

the redrawing of boundaries

after the dawn of 1884-

conrad. achebe. azikiwe. awolowo. lumumba. mandela

nkrumah. fanon. cabral. sankara. neto. ngugi. kenyatta

our history

is that of brothers’ wars. in-fighting

the desecration of the land

with the blood of its people

nigeria. biafra. rwanda. south africa. liberia. algeria.

congo. senegal. cameroun. sudan. zimbabwe. somalia.

our history

is the accent of hisses

from the drumbeat of failed revolutions

the aryan garrison of imperial honeymoon

the unwholesome migrations to the west;

our best brains in flight, in search of usefulness

our history

is the tearful muezzin of globalization

the fall-out of imposed pauperization

imf. worldbank. united nations. o.a.u

na dem own you

our history

is the unfounded resentment of africanization

unbridled love for westernization



ours are pitiable brains

bleached clean with the detergents

of foreign catechism

when my children are born

I shall tell them

never to be so hospitable

as to allow a visitor

serve himself in the kitchen

About the Author

Ifesinachi Nwadike is a Street activist, Editor, rapper, essayist, poet and playwright works had previously appeared in Ngigareview, Ake Review, ANA Review, The Sun Review, Praxis Magazine, Black Boy Review, African Writer and a host of other credible magazines.  He is the Founding Editor of Ngiga Review and Co Facilitator, Ngiga Book Club. He lives and works in Lagos

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