The world has been halted, economies crippled, our world as we know it has been altered, as the deadly novel virus; convid-19 ravages the world like the Passover night smoldering both houses smeared and not smeared with blood. But you know regardless of the litter of handicapped nations, something remains alive, like an Olympic runner holding a baton burning with hope; scuttling, falling and picking itself to the finish line where survival reigns –and that’s LIFE – The Olympic Runner
Whereas the world economy, social catalyst, political shenanigans have all been paused, halted, life continues to happen to us, we continue to live, to grow, to learn, evolve, life happens in spaces we never thought it could happen. This is what we want to get out, Hope: that amidst the death surrounding us, life manages to spiral through … but with a different twist
Most narratives have been about rediscovery of oneself, about one’s humaneness. But we at Ngiga understand that after the lockdown, when the pandemic has all become part of a grim history, some lives will never be the same and this is not with aura of pessimism but rather to give hope and encourage one another and more importantly to prepare for the post pandemic “That humans are complex being capable of a vortex of emotions and drive which at best does not need to be understood but simply felt.

Therefore the Theme is that of confrontation, of dealing with that which keeps us away from home at night, when around 8pm or close of work and there’s a rush to go home, and we hesitate and decide to linger some more –the theme is that of “the why of hesitation”, “the confrontation of hesitation” and “the resolution if any”. It is ‘to confront that part of home we’ve buried, accursed landmarks we swore we would never visit. Ultimately the theme is that of confrontation of the evil or non-evil that exist in the box we live and the Chaos thereafter …

Submission Guidelines

  1. Your story must touch the relevant themes as elaborated above
  2. Entries must be an original work of the author and must not have been published elsewhere.
  3. Entries must be Non-fiction and between 1000-2500 words max.
  4. Entries must be formatted using 12point Times New Roman and each new paragraph must be clearly indented.
  5. The document type should be doc, docx or PDF.
  6. The document must be saved with the title of the story followed by the writer’s name. Eg: “Broken – Somadina Adebayo”.
  7. The name of the writer must not appear anywhere within the document. The document itself should contain only the title and the story.
  8. Entries must be sent to with the subject of the mail as “Submission For the Covid-19 Anthology 2020”
    Submission opens: 15th May 2020
    Deadline: 12.00 midnight, 15th June 2020.
    Enquiries should be directed to

Note: All submission must follow strictly the submissions guidelines

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