There Is A Song For Every Ups & Downs In Love

At times, I feel heavy like a volume of poetry I am yet to write. I am pregnant with nostalgia of a time between today & my farthest future. Thanks to music. Music is the space giving each moment a room for memories: of how I thanked the love of my life for being a part of my life in a year (I remember what Burna Boy’s Angelina did to my nerves), & how her absence was part of my life in another. And each moment was my making— she could have been a dust to my path to finding love, but I hold water at all times. She was just like Earth in her silence, always fertile for what would be planted in her. She could have been a sea washing every filth away so I could swim in her cleanliness, but she chose to be a calm river, taking all that falls from the sky’s purge— the ugly sides of the clouds. Her water my fins of endurance are drowning in, & when her soil lost synthesis to my seeds, I saw a season of draught coming. I was afraid my hunger would not be met with harvest. I was the Tesla conceiving what the universe surrounding me should taste & feel & look & smell like in times to happen & times to not happen. & of the times that never happened, because I did not allow it, I am still pregnant of words to sieve the chaffs into a forgotten song. But songs… songs can be so evergreen, the colours never fade. I still croon some rhythm & blues to this sonority.

About the Author

Tukur writes from a coastal axis in Lagos Island, Western Nigeria. His poems are inspired by existence, memories, creation, lust, love and identity. His poems have been published in Lunaris Review, Libretto Magazine, The Quills, Echelon Review, Art Of Peace Anthology, Z Publishing (Best Emerging Poets 2019) and elsewhere. He won the Brigitte Piorson Monthly Poetry Contest (March 2018) and shortlisted in many others, including the Collins Elesiro Poetry Prize (June 2019).

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