theory of lotus

and i wait in the thick of
wonderment, lost:

theory of lotus
of mud—unrelativity:

poor, poor flower
clothes herself in chemistry—
parturition of obsession with purity:

of blossoming’s homecoming telegraphing
the floating away of beauty from
muddy waters, from mud:

its roots’ caregiver, careworn
reaching for unnoticeableness


you call me saudade:

the one who lives
next door to melancholy

and clutches to the left of
his breast, punctured

all that is you
all that is substanceless

About the Author

Frank Eze’s work has appeared in Praxis, Gnarled Oak, Antarctica Journal, Brittle Paper and many other journals of art. He won the 2016 edition of the Eriata Oribhabor Poetry Prize. His poem ‘in the feet of a refugee’ was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2017. Season and Amaranthine are his collections he hasn’t stopped working on. He believes life is worthless without music and poetry.

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