For we who dread love

my lover visited me in my dreams/ told me he loved me/ but even in my presence/ i see myself absent in his eyes

i do not know how to tell him/ that love is a foreign language my tongue cannot speak/ i do not know how to recite it/ i do not want to know how

cause i’ve learnt/ love is a plot device that knits a girl/ into a heart break story/ & drugs her heart in a sea of red tears

so/ i’ve learnt the art of uncaring/ & how to unlock faster than the speed of light/ i’ve learnt to lock my heart behind closed doors/ say to love/ stay away/ you’re a criminal here

About the Author

Temiloluwa Okanmiyo Oluyemi writes from the Western part of Nigeria. Most of her writings revolve around human experiences and the pains surrounding them all. She hopes to use this means of escape to open paths for others who are locked in their own pains.

We're legion

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