Unless you are one. Or it is a content creating company.

Content Writers simply create relevant contents from either knowledge of the objective or instructions given to them. Content writers have to be creative in their thinking and in the way they pass information across.

Recently, the field of content writing is like a warzone and everyone is vying to be more innovative than the next person. Everything has been said under the sun but it is impossible for everything thing to have been said in all possible ways. This is why content creators should be the most sought after by both new businesses and already existing mega businesses.

It is one of the many ways new entrepreneurs fall face first. Once during an interview, the interviewer was honest enough to say that the company’s boss does not see the need for hiring a content writer. In his words, it is something he could do in his spare time. Just put up a newsletter that says what he wants to say and push it out to prospective clients.

First, it has to be understood that putting up a public notice or sharing newsletters is a way of reaching people who (by assumption) know nothing of your business previously. How embarrassing it would be that instead of focusing on the message and content of your media circulation, those who get a hold of it are passing time poking at the errors in them because “it was done in my spare time”. Or, let’s say the writing itself is technically clean enough, a product of several spell check and grammar check applications but then will it reach the mind as you expect? Will it grab attention from the beginning and keep them reading till the end? Or will they skip to the end because, it is boring?

Besides passing information in ways that have not been thought of and the beautiful way words can be coined to attract customers, have you even given the thought to it that these content writers can double as marketing specialists without you or them knowing it? Pass them a question starting with “what do you think …” followed by a marketing issue that you have twisted into a prospective website article or social media post and see them giving you ideas that had not even crossed your mind.

If you think you don’t need a content writer, it is most likely because you need one. No company can be said to have reached the maximum potential until it has a lot of what it is about in print (not just in print but is stylish prints).

Social media campaigns need to be as creative as ever with the trends that are here today and gone tomorrow. Every new hashtag is an opportunity to advertise and reach new people. Every company will need to be at their loudest to be heard and what better way than to keep presentations interesting. Bringing something unprecedented to the viewers.

Wouldn’t you want to pass time while in the loo by reading an interesting piece on the cover of the toilet paper?

What better way to wait for a date than reading well written notes on each of the items on the menu?

Content writing is the new market and there are writers waiting to be picked before they become rare. 

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