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of mummy and daddy…

just after it rained/ my mother left for market/ leaving me with a neighbor/ doris’s mother/ doris/ a beauty i admire/ but wouldn’t touch/ because my pastor said/ touching a girl’s body is like touching hell/ doris’s mother went to the bedroom/ mothers need nap too/ doris requested we stage mummy and daddy in the palour/ on the floor/ i obliged/ handshake turned to handling/ we caught each other stealing into each other/ lust in the air/ we were both just 10/ so it took us less than 10 minutes to arrest each other in kisses/ we taste like our desires/ we burnt off our clothes/ she asked me to suck her lime/ i sucked like an hungry infant/ she directed my head down to her thighs/ she said she’s seen it happen in movies/ movies can be unrealistic sometimes/ she wanted to see if it can actually happen in real life/ she wanted me to eat from her apple/ the one god has instructed me not to eat from/ i tasted it anyway/ once/ and i found myself going for more/ we became adults in small bodys/ learning how to make love before spelling love/ we wanted to advance to the sofa so as to enter each other/ but a knock on the door killed the moment/ and almost killed us

About the Author

Temidayo Jacob (Mayor Jake) writes from North Central part of Nigeria. His works are based on real life experiences and societal happenings. His works have appeared on WRR top poems monthly anthology, Imomotimi anthology and other local and international anthologies. His works have also appeared on Kalahari Review, Peeking Cat Poetry (online and print), Art and Rebellion, Poetry Soup, forthcoming on Sub-Saharan magazine and others.

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