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What The Rain Does

the rain reminds us
of wonder – how the seasons
creep in, changing batons
and wetting the rocks and silt
with the sweet taste of water
and petrichor

a child once looked me in the eye
and begged me to carry her up
high as my hand gyrates her naive frame
through the axial stream of subtle wind
and unbridled happiness.

this is how the earth feels
when the clouds open into her
as thunder and lightning evoke
voltaic charges and deafening roars.


The Theory of Time

time reminds us all of how close
we are to success and failure.
it exudes the intensity of radiation that comes
with living in a planet of wetness and drought.
time changes everything.
it covers the face of metals with rust
and bugs dead bodies with gases and worms.
time allows the ground to yield colours.
it even allows forgotten memories to echo.
time is the currency of living.
time is the oxygen of the universe

About the Author

Pat Ashinze is an hybrid of two major Nigerian tribes: Igbo and Yoruba. 
He is fluid in his writings, creating poetry and prose within the axial stream of metaphors and aphorisms.
His works have appeared and are forthcoming on The Pangolin Review, Kalahari review, Blognostics,  Merak Mag, Dissident Voice, Vox Poetica, Writers Newsletter, Tuck Magazine, I am Not a Silent Poet and elsewhere.
Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Medicine at The University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

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