They say love begins with a smile

with lips parting

-ours began after a smile and two bodies attacked each other

flesh on thorns

flesh torn by thorns

leaving our bodies desolate

reeking of war

-war at night

war at day

war when all we had was hunger

it became beautiful patterns we left

on our skin, a road map to starvation

of where the oasis lay…

We once said this wasn’t love

–but a star

it will twinkle and die.

But our bodies told us a different lie

We were witches

meant to be burnt at stake

Pile of firewood longing to be licked

By fire

By things that burn and cool and burn again


‘I belong to you’

And that was it –how a corpse become a living thing

-how God said; “let there be light”…and there was US

Instead. Day

and night, fire and water.

You and I


We're legion

4 thoughts on “POEM: YOU AND I By UGORJI EBUBE”

  1. All your poems are heading towards a direction. I’m waiting at the end of the tunnel. To read and at same time feel the things that burn and cool and burn again.

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