-you must have a dead person. It could be either a relative, a friend or a human you can muster up a tear or two for. Perhaps for his dead self, for the youth that never knew the virginity of old age. Or a handsome face undergoing a natural make up.  Or for you or a part of you, that you’re sure no longer exist –like your heart.

-you must have died a long time ago. It doesn’t matter how. It could be suicide like giving your heart to the right girl only for her to turn into wine -I mean who said miracles only happen in Canaan. Or it could be murder. You strangling yourself. Putting a knife where life makes the loudest noise. We all need a bit of sanity.

 -walk up to your grave -that peak where your feelings are deadened. Reach out grab one or two wailing feelings. Squeeze. There you go –you must’ve made a tear. But if that didn’t work. If your feelings have gone for a baecation like mine is want to do. Look into the eyes of the next clown by your side. Share in the comedy. You’all died a long time ago.

-look to the red sand the color of your insides and whisper…“Dear you, we were made perfect until life happened to us”

We're legion

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