Of Things I Never Forget


from here, we see the moon
& she sees us as we switch styles,
hold hands to tinko-tinko, who’s in the garden
& boju boju.
we form a big circle to run the wind in plays
police & thief, where a protagonist becomes
an antagonist & the latter the former.
at times, it is how we burn the world off
our chest,
tell our ache to the silence in the face of the sky,
other times, it is how we eat fire, clap a
drink at
one another face mouthing letters with pointed edges;
-‘take your tyre away /
-give me back the biscuit i gave you
— it is how we string names to our parent
& i find my father in each letter,
such as how he died on a woman’s chest
with a gin buried in his breast pocket,
i pause my breathe to find my mother, but
she’s not lost
because her teeth is on every neighbour
her mouth is an abode without a door
where alphabets sprawl without end.

boju-boju: A childhood play involving the closure of eyes
tinko-tinko: A childhood play carried out with the hands.

About the Author

Osun born poet, Adesina Ayobami Idris is an undergrad of Social Work at the University of Ilorin. His works have appeared on Barren magazine, Minute magazine, Peeking cat poetry among others. He fondly calls himself the pigeon down south and writes words his melancholia self fails to express into poetry.

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