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Where do you think she runs to?

With legs clamped in heels

Heels taller than your tales of her

She runs

Runs to places lit up by darkness,

Corners bent in smoke

With buttocks chopped into leather

She doesn’t stop running;

Her mother keeps calling her

Telling her

There’s no food for the child she left behind

Lecturers on her back

calculating how many strokes

it takes to get a grade UP

And iPhones,

iPhones playing new tunes.

Beautiful tunes that make her smile and twirl

Between  hands that snatch a part of her…

So she runs,

Into men who pay excavation fees

To explore the world between her legs

She runs,

Into boys with ego and money

Looking for women who won’t say no

She runs,

And never stops

For each time she catches her breath

There is a voice, urging:

Run, run, run,

Runs girl.

We're legion

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