How to know when you have lost him

You meet him at the parking lot and tell him not to park there that he sits on your heart

-He reverses, collides into you, you break a bone that is as strong as the weakness you feel when you are with him

-You see injuries of him on your body, a broken femur that walked you into his life and a damaged skull filled with images of his smile and gentle words

-You take your drugs, but you throw some under the bed when no one is looking and search if he is still there, but your hands touch emptiness and your eyes see another dark vast

-You begin to heal of him, you watch him disappear from your soul each morning, blood clots here and there talking about the brief solidification between you and him, at times you peel off the congealed blood wanting to start afresh. New blood flows but still congeals, so you give up.

-You wake up one morning and see a scar shaped like a fading star of what ever shone of him on your skin, bold and bragging of permanence

-You see him walk by, a familiar person wrapped in strange skin, you wonder if you ever have known him, then he walks past you and his shoulders brush yours into a neat reality that you have lost him


About the author
Ebuka Evans is a writer form Nigeria. He loves the openness of spaces
and wishes everyone was that open. His works have been published in the
Kalahari review and African writers and is forthcoming in other magazines.
He won the Muse on the Spur writing competition in 2018.

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