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Are you a writer? Do you know one? Then you are not left out. Tell someone about this.

Ngiga Review is calling for submissions for its first issue (Issue 01) centered around the theme of “Stranger”.

Stranger as a leitmotif for literary exploration. The idea is broad-based and all-encompassing. Imagine the odd one or thing in our midst. Imagine unusualness. Imagine outlandish. Imagine newness.

Thus, we will be seeking for poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art/photography that explore issues of foreigness, outsiderlines, obscurity, that relatively unknown thing that awakes curiosity.

Follow these treads: newcomer, outsider, new happenings in terms of culture, trends, government; oddity, extraordinariness, unfamiliar experience; obsoleteness in culture, trends, places, experiences; peculiar, irregular, weird, bizarre, outlandish in all aspects of the human experience.

This is the wide sweep of our idea of Stranger.

Note: All submission must follow strictly the submissions guidelines.

Submission opens: 9th September 2018
Deadline: 12.00 midnight, 5th October 2018.

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